We are trumpeter Ben Thomas and artist Lucy Muse - but in creative collaboration we do a lot more besides. We love to perform our unique creations before a live audience and use live art and spoken word to embelish our music making. We enjoy documenting our experiences to produce an ever growing collection of creative statements in the form of music, film, imagery and performance art.


Ben Thomas is a trumpeter and composer. He uses music to portray a sensitive perspective of the world and life within it. Ben's music is incredibly visual and imaginative. This visual manifestation is most evident in his extensive artistic outlets - as photographer, film-maker and performance artist.


Lucy Muse is an artist who isn't afraid to commit to a creative cause be it modest and understated or bold and scandalously outrageous. This broad outlook has enabled her to produce an ever changing body of work as a sketching visual artist, performance artist and performing musician.