We met some years ago during a jazz gig! Ben was on stage playing the trumpet and I (Lucy) was lurking in the shadows sketching the musicians. I often did this of a Friday evening having spent the week feeling frustrated (working in an office). During the interval I spoke to Ben. We instantly found creative common ground. Within a few weeks I found myself transformed: naked, on stage, in front of an audience. It was terrifying but I loved it and have never looked back! 

Over the years my work with Ben has developed into many different areas. Aside from artistry and music making I have found myself drawn into the world of NON-SEXUAL naked expression and lifestyle. Body positivity has become a central theme to my work. I LOVE creating podcasts, documentaries, art films and music videos.

Each day is a leap of faith and we often find ourselves doing things that we feel nervous about. But our collaborative commitment to continue our creative expression motivates us to continue our music making, artwork, visual spectacles, film making, podcasts, nonsense and tom-foolery.

By the end, both band and artist declined into an entropic chaos, a stream of consciousness both verbal and aural that reflected a fall into a metaphysical madness, creating questions that lasted long after they departed the stage - Kimberley Pennell, Get The Chance (2016)