Book a muse

If you would like to make a booking please scroll down this page and complete/submit our initial enquiry booking form. You can book either or all of our muses (Lucy, Luna or Elly) at a conveniently arranged time or watch out for one of our frequently occurring events.

Muse HQ

You can shoot at our stunning and exclusive creative space located just outside of Cardiff. Get in touch for more information.

A naturally lit dedicated creative space with bags of character and charm....

The Muses

Lucy, Luna and Elly work together all of the time. They are all very experienced in their own fields and bring creative impetus to all that they do.

Lucy Muse

I am an extremely professional, open minded and experienced model - I have a passion for fashion and make-up but mostly LOVE to be NAKED and prefer to shoot from art nude levels. I have a petite yet curvaceous body with very long natural blonde hair. I have a natural complexion with no scars, tattoos or piercings.

I am an artist who performs with musicians and am involved in a number of creative projects. I love exploring all aspects of the modelling process and am also a budding photographer. 

During shoots I am absolutely committed to achieving any given creative vision - whatever that may be (within reason !) and happy to get messy and explore the bold and wild.