Exposure Enclosure

The Band

The Band features Lucy Muse as performance artist and vocalist, Ben Thomas on electric trumpet plus a lineup of some amazing musicians.

The Band perform original music, poetry and performance art written by Ben Thomas and develop themes through improvised soundscapes and visual interplay.

Exposure Enclosure

Exposure Enclosure challenges the performers to reveal themselves in an immersive naked performance of music and art which invites the audience to experience proceedings in a clothing-optional environment. The naked reveal (for the audience) is a matter of personal choice and a conundrum to negotiate once within the artist's arena. In pursuit of their creative freedom Thomas & Muse continue to explore their own naked expression. 'Exposure Enclosure' is an opportunity to become a part of this curious endeavour.

Performance art at it's most visceral and intense; The audience was left stunned, amazed and covered in paint and flowers in a happening that mixed music, spoken word and improvisation in an exploration of identity, sexuality and ritual. Genuinely unforgettable. David Roach (2018)


Headfuck was the first live project by Thomas & Muse. It challenges the performers to step outside of familiar settings and embrace the uninhibited unknown.