NO! - NOT ANY, NOT ONE, NONE...It could be said that NAY-SAYERS are the new pop artists and that NO is the new trend. We are confined to our quarters and continue to move forward despite the restrictions. The younger versions of ourselves may have stamped their feet in the midst-of a hissy fit or indeed a MELTDOWN. The YES-MAN is now old fashioned and authority heads the race. But what if you are an optimist trying to sip the last dregs of positivity from this bottle-necked time we call NOW? What if for you 'NO' is not an option and the breaking down of boundaries and exploration lies at your very core?

I guess it's time to re-write the fabric of what existence means and look behind the blockade, look within ourselves and find new possibilities - discover the possibilities of using only the basics and barebones. If our resources are diminished perhaps we GO BACK TO OUR ROOTS and start from scratch.

In the beginning there was light...when the fabric of the universe was woven stars...when smattered objects wandered between the deep black emptiness and SPACE was born. There was NOBODY there, yet now, we are here. In a sense NO, nothingness, NADA is a solution and NOT a problem. A negative space is always surrounded by something else even if that 'something else' is nothing.


When we have but ourselves to contemplate, does our world get smaller as our access to what we know is limited, or is there a chance that we could become more enriched by the things we have stored away in our minds? HOME is an ambiguous concept. For some it is their sanctuary, for others their captor. An OUTSIDER is a rather attractive concept now it seems! The sky has fallen and a storm is brewing but we can be SAFE in our SANCTUARY. Take stock of the world and make the most of OUR SPACE!


Tick Tock the battered old clock,
The bells have yet to chime,
The wood is adrift
A rust-ridden-rift
Warps the unreachable time.

Tick Tock the seconds will rock
The minutes scrabble in line
Spirits will lift
The rock at the midst
And delight at the end of the line.


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