What we need is GREAT SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE. More than ever, creativity and innovation in the specific area of scientific research and development are essential tools in order to progress our reality.

Great groundbreaking pioneers spring to mind .... and another (possibly the finest of them all) deserves recognition, acknowledgement and respect for their tireless work. DOCTOR ELLY RAINE will prevail in the midst of misunderstanding and ignorance. She is, quite possibly, our only hope...

What is noise? When the word hole makes things that might classify as sounds via undesirable vibrations. I listened as some THOMAS & MUSE archived recordings were belted out and considered the universe. The bare-boned beginnings and RAW MADNESS!

Is bad noise the stuff that makes the cut? Bone-shaking, tongue tingling, alien sounds? Some sounds are just so right that they are 'fucking awful' and brains will burst open upon meager decibels worth of listening. I once listened to a fifth generation slug drink pop from a straw. Some sounds cannot be unheard!

I like space. Within sentences I often sign my own sentence as I lazily add too many or too little. Often when I talk, my words roll into each other, overlapping and suffocating each other, much like I imagine face-sitting to feel like. Surprisingly I like space. My own space and sometimes the space that others have claimed as their own. What I know (or at least think I know) is that space can be both big and small, but space can provide solitude and sanctuary as well as isolation and separation. The big endless ether, the blackness, the deep, the abyss, call it what you like, it's infinity is as equally awe-inspiring as it is terrifyingly unimaginable.

Space is big but makes us feel small. I look in horror at the blank canvas I have to fill... how can I possibly represent this behemoth that calls out to me? Negotiating the beast we resolved upon a collaboration. Sharing and understanding our respective spaces we collided to create something 'bigger'. But 'I am but a drop in the ocean'.

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