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Thomas & Muse - Audience Feedback

Updated - 11th June 2019

Here is some audience feedback from some a recent Thomas & Muse performance at Hundred Years Gallery, London. 7th June 2019:

- Attended the 2nd event run by the Muses (Ben, Lucy & Elly) at

Sea Song - Thomas/Logiri Live - VIDEO

UPDATED - 22nd May 2019

This was filmed in May 2019 and features Ben Thomas (trumpet) and Davide Logiri (piano) plus Pasquale Votino (double bass) and Paolo Adamo (drums). It's a performance of Robert Wyatt's Sea Song (arranged by Ben)…

Thomas/Martin in BRECON - 2019

UPDATED - 20th May 2019

Here are some images taken by Lucy Muse featuring the Thomas/Martin Quartet performing at The Muse in Brecon in May 2019.

Performing LIFELINE in Cardiff - 2018 - VIDEO

UPDATED - 20th May 2019

This is LIFELINE by Thomas & Muse being performed in Cardiff at Little Man Coffee Company on 6th June 2018. LIFELINE was composed by Ben Thomas and features theatrical spoken word/poetry and naked performance art…

Ben Thomas - Upcoming Performances - 2019

UPDATED - 23rd April 2019

Check out some upcoming performance dates featuring some of Ben's projects. Full info here


Wednesday 1st May - Swansea Jazzland 
Thursday 2nd May - The Wine Bar, Waitrose, Kings Cross, London 
Friday 3rd…

Skynthetic In Cardiff And London

UPDATED - 19th April 2019

2 upcoming shows coming up in Cardiff on Friday 31st May at The Little Man Coffee Company and in London on Friday 7th June at Hundred Years Gallery. Both start at 7.30pm, CLOTHING OPTIONAL and…

Should I Be A Naked Model? #74LucyMusings PODCAST 

UPDATED - 14th December 2018

This is the ill-fated (now edited) banned (again) podcast by Thomas & Muse. Just for the vain amongst you ... you probably think this podcast is about you ... but it's not. To be clear…

Thomas & Muse - Audience Perspective

UPDATED - 15th November 2018

Here is some audience feedback from some recent Thomas & Muse performances. Firstly Thomas & Muse AND The Muses at Hundred Years Gallery, London. 22nd September 2018:

- This was the second clothing optional performance

LIVE in London - VIDEO

UPDATED - 2nd October 2018

Check out snippets from the latest live performance:


UPDATED - 8th August 2018

A new project and direction for Thomas & Muse. Performing music from the 'Black Box' - original music by trumpeter Ben Thomas -plus arrangements of tunes by The Kinks, Gong, Robert Wyatt, Frank Zappa…

Summer Solstice - VIDEO

UPDATED - 9th July 2018

Here's a new video filmed on the Summer Solstice (21st June 2018)

Exposure Enclosure In Cardiff - Audience Reaction

UPDATED - 7th June 2018 

Here are some thoughts about Exposure Enclosure from a recent performance in Cardiff...

I had been looking forward to attending the Exposure Enclosure from Thomas & Muse for quite a few weeks. I must say

Exposure Enclosure - Audience Perspective

UPDATED - 8th May 2018

Here are some thoughts about Exposure Enclosure from the perspective of people who have seen it live...

What a lovely event this was! Most people nude, but not sexual and no trouble! Alcoholic