My Fanny Smells #81LucyMusings 

UPDATED - 12th March

Sticking with the hot topics of the day we discuss 'My Fanny Smells' - it's probably metaphorical.

Horny And Alone At Christmas #79LucyMusings 

UPDATED - 24th December 2018

Finding yourself horny and alone this Christmas? Look no further...we're here to help. Just follow our guide and we'll see you through.

Should We Believe? #77LucyMusings 

UPDATED - 18th December

Thomas, Muse & Raine discuss matters of belief. Should we believe? Do they believe? Do you believe? 

Having Sex On Film - #76LucyMusings 

UPDATED - 18th December

Thomas, Muse & Raine discuss having sex on film. What does it mean? Is it right? Does it matter? All or none of these things are pondered throughout this stimulating discussion.

Should I Be A Naked Model? #74LucyMusings  

UPDATED - 18th December

This is the ill-fated (now edited) banned (again) podcast by Thomas & Muse. Just for the vain amongst you ... you probably think this podcast is about you ... but it's not. To be clear this…