Should I Be A Naked Model? #74LucyMusings PODCAST 

UPDATED - 14th December 2018

This is the ill-fated (now edited) banned (again) podcast by Thomas & Muse. Just for the vain amongst you ... you probably think this podcast is about you ... but it's not. To be clear…

Thomas & Muse - Audience Perspective

UPDATED - 15th November 2018

Here is some audience feedback from some recent Thomas & Muse performances. Firstly Thomas & Muse AND The Muses at Hundred Years Gallery, London. 22nd September 2018:

- This was the second clothing optional performance

LIVE in London - VIDEO

UPDATED - 2nd October 2018

Check out snippets from the latest live performance:


UPDATED - 8th August 2018

A new project and direction for Thomas & Muse. Performing music from the 'Black Box' - original music by trumpeter Ben Thomas -plus arrangements of tunes by The Kinks, Gong, Robert Wyatt, Frank Zappa…

Summer Solstice - VIDEO

UPDATED - 9th July 2018

Here's a new video filmed on the Summer Solstice (21st June 2018)

Exposure Enclosure In Cardiff - Audience Reaction

UPDATED - 7th June 2018 

Here are some thoughts about Exposure Enclosure from a recent performance in Cardiff...

I had been looking forward to attending the Exposure Enclosure from Thomas & Muse for quite a few weeks. I must say

Exposure Enclosure - Audience Perspective

UPDATED - 8th May 2018

Here are some thoughts about Exposure Enclosure from the perspective of people who have seen it live...

What a lovely event this was! Most people nude, but not sexual and no trouble! Alcoholic