Exposure Enclosure - Audience Perspective

UPDATED - 8th May 2018

Here are some thoughts about Exposure Enclosure from the perspective of people who have seen it live...

What a lovely event this was! Most people nude, but not sexual and no trouble! Alcoholic drinks but no drunkenness. Nice folk! Michael 


I found it refreshing that an artistic endeavour partly using the medium of nudity as a blank canvas also allowed the audience to be clothes free. This was one of the reasons I attended and I wasn't disappointed. Paul 


A entertaining and inspiring evening spent with friendly, like minded nudists. Thomas and Muse are a fabulously quirky act. I can’t wait for next time. John 


I attended Exposure Enclosure along with two friends as part of a series of clothes optional events over a long weekend, including the musical Skin Deep, a day at a sun-club, a naturist swim and naked yoga and a naked lunch at a restaurant. Being able to be naked is the prime motivation, but the performance of Lucy Muse has grown on me in the days following the experience. To share an event in the company of like-minded individuals is friendly, tolerant and stress-free and to be free of clothes is relaxing and comfortable. Lucy chatted to the audience before and afterwards and her performance included the audience so it was a shared experience and in no sense voyeuristic. 

The performance was unique in my experience as Lucy used her skin to create stories reminding me of the Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury. I was particularly taken with her story Mr Bagshott. 

I am a great fan of radio plays – television provides only the producers vision and in great detail whilst radio allows free play of the imagination. Lucy creates stories with skill and directs your imagination along the lines and colours she draws and invites the audience to draw, and creates a magical space with a dream like quality. So it was like visual radio for me. 

Commonly body paint is used for protests such as the World Naked Bike Ride or for exhibitionism. The expressionism is like 19th Century painting. The abstract quality of Lucy’s performance brings a modernist quality to expression that is fully in tune with the naturist idea of blending the natural with the best of the modern world. In the past this was associated with physical health and modern medicine, directed to the body. Combined with Thomas’s innovative music and abstract sound effects, this performance attended to the mind. The effect of the plain basement room was to create a safe cocoon away from the outside world in which to share a directed dream in a shared and humanist, respectful environment. 

Whilst Lucy has created online videos of her work, but there can be no substitute for a live performance and the shared experience. Philip

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