Exposure Enclosure In Cardiff - Audience Reaction

UPDATED - 7th June 2018 

Here are some thoughts about Exposure Enclosure from a recent performance in Cardiff...

I had been looking forward to attending the Exposure Enclosure from Thomas & Muse for quite a few weeks. I must say that the performance didn't disappoint. It was truly a unique and creative way to spend an evening. They were both able to hold the audience's attention and capture their imaginations from start to finish. it was immersive, interactive and a colourful form of artisitic expression. Well done, I'm already looking forward to seeing them again soon. If you want an unforgettable experience, I would highly recommend that you go to see them! Henlifemodel

I've just got home from a mind bending performance of Exposure/Enclosure by Thomas and Muse at Little Man tonight. Performance art at it's most visceral and intense; The audience was left stunned, amazed and covered in paint and flowers in a happening that mixed music, spoken word and improvisation in an exploration of identity, sexuality and ritual. Genuinely unforgettable. David Roach

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